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How to prepare your pet for an ultrasound:
Unless your pet is very ill, please fast your pet for 12 hours before the exam.  Allow them to drink water freely and do not let them urinate for 3 hours or more before the exam.

What to expect during the ultrasound exam:
The ultrasound exam is a pleasant experience for everyone.  Before starting we will have to remove some fur from the area to be examined.  The procedure is painless and safe.  We will gently restrain them to achieve this.  Your pet will have to remain still throughout the 15 to 30 minute exam.  If they are uncooperative or painful, we will give them some medications to relieve the stress or pain.

When will I get results?
Results will typically be available to your veterinarian by report within a few days.  Your veterinarian, when they are able, will then discuss with you the results and discuss further diagnostic or treatment options.