FVS Imaging is a veterinary mobile ultrasound service in the greater Edmonton, Alberta region. If you are a pet owner, our services are available only by referral from your veterinarian, please contact them and ask for FVSImaging. On a daily basis, we provide the high quality ultrasound exams and interpretation for the patients and clients of our highly valued partnering practices.  We want to significantly enhance the practice of our referring veterinarians and the quality of life of their clients and patients. 

Ultrasound is a wonderful diagnostic test as it is NON-INVASIVE – we can explore the ABDOMEN, HEART, THORAX and NECK region – completely without a scalpel!.  IN many cases, tissue can be collected by FINE-NEEDLE BIOPSY or by CORE BIOPSY – sent to the lab to confirm the diagnosis!

Mobile ultrasound exams are provided in partnering practices - Monday through Thursday 8AM to 6PM.  Call 780-974-9337 - anytime to book an appointment, we will be returning calls Monday through Saturday. 

Out of town referral patients will be seen at a St. Albert or Edmonton partnering clinic – Monday through Thursday. Please login and enter patient information and case data. We will call the client and book a time for an exam. Call us directly first if case is urgent - 780-974-9337.

FVS Imaging is independently owned and operated by Dr. Cameron Friesen and began operating May 2004.